API Importer
Google Sheets

Import and export your data to and from Google Sheets.

Install API Importer for free

API Importer for Google Sheets lets you seamlessly import data from a broad range of sources - Instantly!

No coding required!

Our API connector makes it extremely simple to call any API. Simply call the function with your parameters (we also support cell references!) and you're done.


Please see the tutorials on this website for more in-depth examples. A FAQ section is included when you install the Add-on.

Complete flexibility to specify GET/POST and other methods, custom headers, request body and pick the elements you want returned

Our interface is clean yet powerful - allowing you to pass in any cURL command. Only interested in certain elements? No problem! Apply any valid JMESPath query!

Generous free and paid plans

We are by FAR the lowest-cost alternative to import/export data to your Sheet. Under our free plan you get 5 save requests, JMESPath queries, and can run your commands unlimited times. View Pricing